Areola, Scar & Stretch Mark Restoration

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Pigment Restoration

Nipple & Areola Restoration

Forever Natural Permanent Makeup & Spa offers our clients breast reconstruction after surgery in restoring the areola (nipple).   Cosmetic tattooing completes breast reconstruction surgery by creating 3D nipples and areola.

Our color selection offers clients a perfect match to their natural skin tone.  Forever Natural Permanent Makeup & Spa only uses the finest pigments formulated by Dr. Linda Dixon. All of our products are made in the U.S. and 100 percent natural. So whether you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments or no longer receive treatments, our products are safe to our client’s health.

Prior to the procedure, it is important that the client undergo a consultation with the cosmetic tattoo specialist. This will allow the cosmetic tattoo specialist time to assess the client’s skin tone. In addition, the consultation allows the cosmetic tattoo specialist the opportunity to customize a skin tone color for the tattoo application. Nipple tattooing is a safe and effective technique for restoration of the nipple–areola provides a positive impact to the clients overall well-being and confidence.


Vitiligo is a dermatological condition characterized patches of skin, discoloration and pigment destruction. At Forever Natural Permanent Makeup we use a technique of micropigmentation that consists of implantation pigment into the skin while using a tattoo pen. Forever Natural Permanent Makeup uses natural pigment that is matched to your natural skin tones. This procedure is safe and effective as it evens out the tone.

Cosmetic Camouflage

Derma-graphics involves implanting dots of color below the surface of the skin. Also known as derma-pigmentation, camouflage makeup or micro-pigmentation, an application of custom-mixed colors The process of camouflaging stretch marks and scars is a simple procedure of blending the pigment into the discolored area with our natural pigment colors. As a result, the scar is camouflaged to blend in with the natural skin tone. This procedure has been used to permanently conceal surgical and accidental related scars, face lift  scars, mastectomy scars, caesarean section scars, and stretch marks, to help create that Forever Natural look.