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It’s essential to take care of your beauty needs. That's why at Forever Natural we offer our client's beauty services that   enhance your natural beauty. We offer unique permanent makeup techniques that are exclusive to Forever Natural. Our skin care services are tailored to meet the needs of every client's skin care concerns. Lastly, if you struggle with weight-loss or want to change your eating habits, look no further! Our onsite nutritionist has over 25 years of experience. Let us help you maintain your beauty! Forever Natural your destination to go for Microblading Permanent makeup in Hemet & Palm Desert.


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No More Discolored Brows

Permablend Pigments changing the historty of permanent makeup.

The ingredients are a combination of pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, aqua, rosin, and DMDM hydantoin. It is gamma-ray sterilized, vegan and animal cruelty-free. 

Everyone has that grandma, mom, friend, co-worker or neighbor that has the old discolored eyebrows or eyeliner that have turned pink, blue, green gray or any other color of the rainbow? Imagine having a Permanent or Semi Permanent Cosmetic procedure done that last for many years to come. A pigment that will soften up overtime but the natural color will never fade out change or turn color. New VEGAN Permablend pigments are changing permanent makeup forever. 

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Volume Lashes vs Classic Lashes

What is Volume lashes.? Volume Lashing is a technique used to achieve a fuller, fluffier look. With this method, anywhere between 3-8 super fine extensions are fanned out and applied to a single natural lash. This is the perfect solution if you have sparse lashes or gaps.Volume lashes are still safe for your natural lashes

Forever Natural your destination to go !

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Advanced Permanent Cosmetics By Swanie. B


Forever Natural your destination in Palm Desert and in Hemet CA for beautifully Microbladed/Nano 3D or Ombre' Eyebrows. Our eyebrow transformations take 2 hours and last 1-3 years! Imagine not having draw on your Eyebrows anymore and have perfectly shaped smudge free brows, that's the beauty of hair simulation. . Suppose you can wake up in the morning without the trouble of makeup? Swanie .B is on the cutting edge utilizing proprietary techniques including his own patterns, forms and technology developed directly by Swanie. B, who became an industry leader in making permanent makeup something more natural and modified to look like real Eyebrow hair with lighter base colors & darker strokes between to mimics hair like strokes for the eyebrows, using state of the art digital machine method he is changing the perceptions of how people perceive permanent makeup.  A true master at his craft Swanie .B B fuses his body art tattooing experience with his artistic background.

Laser Lipo, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Body Contouring

Non Surgical Body Contouring, Cavitation, Laser Lipo, Weight Loss, Health Coach, Body Wraps

Natalie has a passion is to educate, guide, coach and support each individual client through the their weight loss process. I focus on assisting and motivating clients to achieve their goals safely and naturally. The objective is to prepare and equip my clients to maintain their weight loss and muscle mass long term. I achieve results without the use of drugs, appetite suppressants or metabolic stimulants; mine is a much more natural approach that utilizes our natural body functions and systems to achieve long term weight loss,  mind body and soul weight loss, weight gain, or weight management. As well as body wraps to tighten, tone, reduce the look of stretch marks, detoxing the fat cells and getting the body you have always dreamed of. I have been doing health and nutrition for the past 8 years, working for Lindora medical weight loss center as well as Herbalife. It is my passion to help people succeed. All my life being overweight and not being happy about myself, and now to finally be in the profession to help others who struggle with the same things


Elegant Eyelash Extensions

Tina Kozma is a Master Esthetician with 25 years of experience with Makeup, Skin care, Eyelash Extensions click to:

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