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Flawless Skin and Permanent Makeup for YOUR Special DAY!
 Whether it's a wedding, prom, or anniversary, Forever Natural can help you with all your makeup desires. Why worry about your makeup running down your face, when you can have makeup that stays in place! Let us create the look you've always wanted for your wedding or prom! Every women wants flawless  makeup and skin on her special day. Whether you like the soft and subtle look or a  dramatic look, we have the perfect permanent custom look for you! 


* Waterproof & Sweat proof!

* Never have to buy eyeliner  pencils, powders, or gels EVER again!

* Economical!

* Smudge proof eyeliner!

* Eyeliner will always look perfectly straight!


* No need to waste money on  mascara!

* Gives the eye a natural lift!

* Looks natural!

*Longer, fuller, thicker lashes!


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Permanent Makeup Artist
Swanie B.
1 (760) 660-3738
Nutrition Specialist
Natalie Coyne
1 (760) 534-9169
Anesthetics Cosmetologist
Tina Kozma
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Microblading also known as Embroidery is the newest trend on the market today! Forever Natural offers microblading for those who are looking for a natural and semi-permanent eyebrow. Unlike traditional permanent eyebrow applications that are done with a machine, this  procedure is done manually with high quality  pigments and a fine blade, resulting in precise, fine, soft eyebrows. With this new technique, you will have beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. 

Swan Baeza
Permanent Makeup Technician

3-D Eyebrows
  By Swanie B.

Swanie B, the world renowned leader in permanent makeup now brings 3-D Eyebrows to the High Desert and the Inland Empire areas. Offering unique techniques and quality services, 3-D Eyebrows implements one hair stroke at a time. By mimicking real hair, Forever Natural uses a fine-tip needle to go in the direction of your natural hair growth. The application process includes 2-3 shades of the finest pigments; resulting in a perfect match with your hair color, low lights, and highlights. While complying with clients requests, each face is scientifically measured to achieve seamless eyebrows resulting in perfection. Forever Natural Custom Eyebrows compliment every face shape, skin tone and hair color.

3D Eyebrows are for anyone who may be missing hair due to natural causes or physical causes, such as chemotherapy treatments. Forever Natural’s cosmetic tattoo specialist exfoliates the brow , then implements one hair stroke at a time by mimicking real hair. While using a fine-tip-needle, the pigments are implanted into the skin in the same direction as the natural hair growth. The application process includes 2-3 shades of color. As a result, the hair strokes will not only resemble real hair, it will match your natural highlights and hair tones. Each face shape is unique. That is why our cosmetic tattoo specialist scientifically measures the eyebrows and eye shape previously to the procedure.

Making A Permanent Difference in Your Appearance!

Why wait? Enhance your facial features with permanent cosmetics. At Forever Natural Permanent Makeup & Spa, Swanie B. provides quality service, offering your eyes, eyebrows, and lips the perfect shape, symmetry, natural color, and a lasting look of perfection. Here at Forever Natural, we understand each client is unique with their own sense of style. That is why we offer a variety of custom eyebrows, and eyeliner. Swanie B. scientifically measures the eyes and eyebrows to achieve a finished look of perfect symmetry to every face.  At Forever Natural Permanent Makeup & Spa, our team is always up-to-date with the newest trends, products, and techniques.

Many people are discovering the benefits of having cosmetics permanently applied. Makeup of the future is a form of cosmetic tattooing that gives busy women the opportunity to save time by not having to apply eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner or lipstick. The results of permanent cosmetics will provide waterproof color, and is hassle-free. Although "permanent makeup" was once known to be a painful procedure, here at Forever Natural we offer our clients effective topicals. It is important to our team of professionals to make sure our clients are completely comfortable through out their procedure.

Some choose to have a procedure done because they have physical difficulties, such as visual impairment or arthritis of the hands and shoulders, making application difficult. Cosmetic tattooing is an adjunct to reconstructive surgery, for example, nipple reconstruction after breast reduction or breast cancer surgery. Tattooing may help to camouflage scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, and alopecia and offers a solution for those who are allergic to conventional cosmetics. Forever Natural uses natural pigments for dermal implantation that is nontoxic, non-allergenic, and nonirritating to skin tissue.